• Helping make sure

    everyone can play

  • Contributing to

    active communities

  • Equipping rehab providers to

    deliver the best outcomes

  • Supporting programs that

    keep Idahoans on the go

Advancing Rehab

in Idaho

The Idaho State Elks Association has a long tradition of helping Idahoans attain their highest level of physical independence. We developed one of the country’s premier physical rehabilitation networks, the Elks Rehab System, known for highly personal, expert care. In 2014, we transitioned away from providing rehab services and are focusing solely on funding efforts of rehab care providers, researchers, and local communities through philanthropy.

Our grants will continue to support our mission of helping Idahoans live life to the fullest. Nonprofit rehab providers, researchers, and community groups are welcome to apply for grants to support rehab programs, continuing education, community education, equipment, and more.

Get Equipped

Bring your rehab program up-to-date with new equipment, EMR software, or an accessible van.

Stay in the Know

Fund continuing education and other staff training, or enhance your research budget.

Make People Happy

Create meaningful experiences with accessible trails, accessible playground equipment, or adaptive skis for your local ski hill.

Reach Out

Offer community programs on topics like stroke prevention and rehab nutrition.

2015 endowment grants

Grant applications will be accepted through September 15.

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