Elks Rehab System is now Idaho Elks Rehab

New Focus on Philanthropy

There is a new focus and brand for the Major Project of the Idaho State Elks Association. The organization that has operated healthcare facilities specializing in rehabilitation for decades has transitioned to a philanthropic endeavor focused on funding rehab in Idaho.

The Idaho State Elks Association is a charitable organization that began working with rehab patients in 1947, when it established a convalescent home for children with polio. Once polio was eradicated, the effort grew into a premier rehab system, providing care at the Elks Rehab Hospital, Elks Hearing & Balance Center, and Elks Internal Medicine. In addition, the Elks Rehab System partnered with St. Luke’s Health System to deliver children’s rehab and specialized wound care.

Idaho Elks Rehab will continue its commitment to rehab patients and its charitable mission by supporting the work of not-for-profit physical rehabilitation providers, educators, and researchers throughout Idaho.

Annual grants will be awarded for state-of-the-art rehab equipment, program development, staff education, and research. “Funding for rehab will enhance the lives of Idahoans across the state,” said Grant Jones, director of development, for Idaho Elks Rehab. “Efforts will certainly advance rehab in Idaho.”

Grant applications will be accepted until September 15, 2015. The application is available on the new Idaho Elks Rehab web site: www.idahoelksrehab.org.